What is Giomer?


"Contribution to oral health and longevity of teeth"

The Giomer philosophy has the Patient First perspective—"Contribute to oral health and longevity of teeth" for patients and people worldwide.

Unfortunately, repeated dental treatments, lack of good home care, deterioration of the oral environment, life cycle, aging, etc., all progresses towards tooth loss.

Figure: Negative spiral from tooth development to maturity and tooth loss

Therefore, it is essential to implement both good home care and professional care.
However, there is still a challenge to stop the progression of the negative spiral even with preventive measures. The role of Giomer is to delay and/or stop this progression. The application of Giomer provides "material care" as the third measure of care to support oral health along with home and professional care.

With research, the development of applying Giomer / S-PRG fillers towards comprehensive dental care has increased each year.
SHOFU will continue to expand the Giomer product line to fulfill the 'Giomer Product Tree' for the oral health of all patients and people around the world.


Release and recharge of multi-ions

Giomer releases and recharges six healthful ions (multi-ions) by the proprietary filler particle, S-PRG. Research and clinical studies have proven the bioactive and therapeutic properties of Giomer.

Three features of bioactive

There are many benefits of Giomer reported. However, the three main evidence-based advantages of the release and recharge of multi-ions are as follows.

    • Makes the tooth structure stronger
      Tooth strengthening
    • FTooth strengthening
    • Strengthen the area surrounding tooth structure

    • Block acid attack on teeth
      Anti-plaque properties
    • Anti-plaque property
    • Suppress bacterial adhesion and plaque formation on the Giomer surface

    • Protects the tooth structure
      Acid neutralization effect
    • Acid neutralization effect
    • Protects the surrounding tooth structure from bacterial acid attack

What is S-PRG filler?

S-PRG filler is a 3-layered bioactive glass filler that can be inserted into dental materials used in oral care and dental treatment.

The proprietary multifunctional glass filler is coated with porous silica glass to create the surface-modified layer. Then it is reacted with an aqueous solution of polyacrylic acid that resulting in a stabilized glass ionomer phase on the surface of the multifunctional glass core.

This glass ionomer phase acts as a multi-ion reservoir, releasing fluoride, strontium, borate, silicate, aluminum, and sodium ions.
The ion release and recharge occur reversibly according to the ion concentration gradient of the surrounding oral environment.

All Giomer products contain the S-PRG filler.